Trying new thread! ~ Probando hilos nuevos.

I recently exchanged some thread with Fox, and this is what she sent me. Such much fun to get pretty mail from far away! And she included much more than we had agreed upon!

Hace poco intercambié hilos con Fox, y acá está lo que me mandó. ¡Qué divertido es recibir cosas bonitas de lejos! Fox mandó el hilo azul de “yapa”, además.

Card with thread

Of course, I had to put it in a shuttle and into use straight away. I did Jon Yusoff’s The Twirly, from her book The Snowflake Collection. It is not exactly the same because I made some mistakes (and then compensated by introducing a variation) but I really like it – such is tatting and life!

Por supuesto, lo puse en las navetas en seguida, e hice The Twirly, del libro The Snowflake Collection de Jon Yusoff. No me salió exactamente igual porque me confundí, y después introduje una variante para compensar, pero realmente me gusta mucho – ¡así son el frivolité y la vida!

The Twirly variation, pattern Jon Yusoff

Both threads are Lizbeth size 40, by the way, and I love tatting with them.

Los dos hilos son Lizbeth tamaño 40, por cierto, y me encantó usarlos para frivolitear.


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  1. Fox
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 00:55:28

    Finally, it got there! Whew! Your motif looks amazing – I have not tried that one yet.

    The quality of the #40 Lizbeth is far superior to any of the #20 that I have used. I am so glad you like it.
    Fox : )


    • yavamoni
      Aug 22, 2011 @ 01:20:07

      Yes Fox, thanks again! It got here a while back, but life has been busy recently, and only just today I could get the pics on my computer.

      I really like the thread, so you have me “sold” on that one. I like size 40 quite a bit – allows for delicate tatting without taking ages to get something that can be seen without a microscope, LOL. Also, I really like my knots to be distinct, and the Lizbeth is very good in that respect, it has lovely stitch definition. My photo doesn’t do justice to it (nor the lovely shade of the colour!), I think the shiny backpack it is sewn on confuses the camera… but it fits there really well and is being enjoyed, which is what matters, isn’t it?


  2. Fox
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 01:55:52

    I thought I had “spoken” to you about the arrival! Sorry for the repetition – it’s late here. : )

    I will see if I can fix your feed on my blog…
    Fox ; )


  3. Diane Cademartori
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 08:00:38

    I love that shade of blue, and size 40 is a wonderful size to tat with!


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