I knit a “thing”! ~ ¡Tejí una “cosa”!

So, I have not been tatting much lately… because I had been absorbed by knitting this fun, fun “thing”

No estuve frivoliteando mucho últimamente… ¡porque tejer esta cosa (muy divertida) me tenía atrapada!

It is a cube, made up of 8 smaller cubes, and linked in such a way that several configurations are possible – one can turn it round and round, and see different parts successively.

Es un cubo, hecho de ocho cubos más chicos unidos de tal modo que hay varias maneras de armarlo – uno lo va girando y girando, y viendo distintas partes sucesivamente.

Animated image of the octopush

The design is by Wooly Thoughts, but I took an extra challenge – to make it seamlessly, or as close to seamless as possible. It turned out, it is possible to make it quite close to seamless – I did it just sewing 8 edges, one for each cube – and even that could be done with knitting if one wanted.

El diseño es de Wooly Thoughts, pero yo lo hice con un desfío extra: tratar de hacerlo con la menor cantidad de costuras posible. Y resulta que se puede hacer casi sin costuras – yo lo hice cosiedo sólo 8 aristas, una por cubo – y se podría hacer incluso esto tejiendo si uno quisiera.

Work in progress

As you can see in the previous picture, each cube is linked to two others. So, one can finish one and continue one side to the next one, and have a long “garland” of cubes, until the last two faces.

Como se ve en la foto anterior, cada cubo va unido a otros dos, de modo que uno puede hacer un cubo y seguir con una cara del siguiente, obteniendo una especie de “guirnalda” de cubos, hasta llegar a las últimas dos caras.

Next I show a couple of views of the finished object.

A continuación les muestro un par de imágenes más del objeto terminado.
Finished - closed A

As you can see, two different cubes can be assembled. I decided to make one in solid colours, and the other in stripes with white – it helped a lot to figure out which faces are “outside” and which “inside” before starting.

Como pueden ver, hay dos cubos posibles. Decidí hacer uno con el exterior en colores lisos y el otro rayado con blanco – ayudó mucho pensar cuales caras son “exteriores” y cuales “interiores” antes de empezar.

Finished - closed B

I made all the edges that join two cubes by continuing on with the plain color face, and joining the striped one later.

Yo hice las aristas que unen dos cubos siguiendo directamente el tejido de los lados lisos, y uniendo los rayados después.

Finished - open

Each cube is very simply made by knitting 10 stitch and 10 ridge garter square faces, and then picking up stitches and knitting them together at the edges as needed, in the same way that it is done in entrelac.

Cada cubo se hace muy simplemente, con un cuadrado de 10 puntos por 10 pares de vueltas an santa clara para cada cara. La siguientes caras se unen levantado puntos del costado y tejiendo juntos los últimos puntos de cada vuelta según sea necesario, del mismo modo que en la técnica entrelac.

It was a really great project, but quite mind-absorving!

Fue un proyecto muy divertido, aunque bastante rompe-coco!

9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Diane Cademartori
    Jan 11, 2012 @ 21:53:35

    That looks like such a fun knit! Wouldn’t it be great for a math class?


  2. Occasional Crafter
    Jan 12, 2012 @ 17:05:21

    Wow, it’s great! I’ve seen these made out of wood before, but not since I was little. What a nice idea to make them soft! You could do them in fabric too I guess. Such a nice idea!


    • yavamoni
      Jan 14, 2012 @ 11:49:03

      Fabric sounds quicker than knitting, but the sewing would probably get fiddly, wouldn’t it? I liked how the knitting was quite comfortable.


  3. Cristina
    Jan 13, 2012 @ 10:15:49

    Beautiful… like you! (and by the way, Happy Birthday!)


  4. Frivole
    Jan 14, 2012 @ 11:43:59

    What a cool knitted multi-cube!! Very clever.


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